What is Spirituality?

Everyone seems to be talking about it lately. More and more people are trying to be spiritual. For some it’s being religious, for others it’s beyond religion and more modern. Yet it lacks a definition. However, the question remains: What is spirituality?

Let’s explore the oldest language, Sanskrit for its definition. The word Spiritual means ‘Adhyatmic‘  in Sanskrit. Adhyatmic is driven from Adhyatma, which can be further broken down into adhya + atma. Adhya means ‘to know’ and atma means ‘soul’. So, Adhyatma means ‘ to know about the soul.’ Hence, Spirituality is the process of knowing about our soul or the True Self. In a nutshell, ‘the knowledge of soul.’ Soul, being an individual component, so the process is also very individualistic and very internal. Yet, one cannot separate it’s cause and effect from our external surroundings.

The question, if one is spiritual or not, is an invalid one. Everyone is spiritual because everyone who is living has a soul. But, how many of us have have had this realization or are walking on the path of  Self Realization? It’s the question we all should ask. The answer of which can only be found through a perfect master or a ‘Guru’ - The Realized One. The One who has the knowledge of all, of all the past, present and future. It sounds like a cliche, but an individual like this does exist. They have existed in all times, in the form of great saints, men of god, prophets etc. throughout the world. We just have to find the one for us, in today’s time. How can one find? As, it’s said in the Bible, ‘Those who seek me, will find me.’

So, start seeking. Not in the church, or a temple, or a mosque but in your heart and then externally. I have found and I am confident, you will too.

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